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Depression Treatment
Therapy for depression offers assessment to learn about the causes of pain and sadness in peoples’ lives and the tools to begin overcoming it. People can learn skills to avoid unnecessary suffering from later bouts of depression.
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Role of Family and Friends in Depression Therapy
It can be extremely difficult and stressful to live with, or be around, a person with depression. Loved ones feel helpless and often feel a loss for the person the depressed patient used to be. They may even feel angry at the person with depression, even though they are aware it is a mental illness and not something being done on purpose. Some family involvement in therapy for depression can increase understanding and awareness of the condition, as well as teach ways to help cope with the deperssion symptoms. That way, all loved ones can practice healthy coping techniques together and encourage wellness and the continuation of depression therapy. Loved ones then become part of the support network for the person with depression and can help them move forward through treatment.
Antidepressants and Depression Therapy
Antidepressant medications can be very helpful for reducing the symptoms of depression in some people, particularly in cases of moderate-to-severe depression. Many healthcare providers treating depression may favor using a combination of depression therapy and medications. Given the possibility of medication side effects, any use of medication requires close monitoring by the prescribing physician. Antidepressants may also stabilize a person enough to make them more successful at depression therapy.
We do not prescribe medications at Peaceful Solutions Counseling, but we will collaborate with other treatment providers if you are on medications or would like to be considered for medication for depression.