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About Us


We love being therapists because we have a deep passion for helping others discover who they truly are, overcome emotional difficulties, recover from substance abuse, learn to live fully and enjoy their lives. Our love of family drives us to help other families reconnect. Often a problem will be identified in the family that will be connected to one member. Our belief is that a family is a system and when one person is in crisis, the whole family is in crisis. Our goal is to help each member of the family understand the problems and become part of the solution that brings their family back together.

We believe the most powerful therapeutic tool is the connection between the client and therapist. This connection can be very powerful and help the change and healing process happen. Often, children are not allowed to express their true feelings and lose their voice. Our goal with children is always to create a safe environment in which they can express themselves freely and have permission to discover who they truly are. In turn, we work with the family to teach communication skills that allow room for individual personalities, creativity, discipline, and effective parenting. Quite often, parenting styles can be either to permissive or too rigid, which can lead to behavioral and emotional problems as well as stress in the family. Good education and practice communicating can bring families back together. We believe we have a gift of facilitating this transaction.

We have a wide range of knowledge and experience and are confident addressing problems such as family conflict, divorce, attachment issues, bereavement, depression, anxiety, eating disorders/body image issues, self harm, relationship issues, sexuality, codependency and other emotional and behavioral issues.